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Why did you leave the law?

Is it because you were a bad lawyer? Yes, that's actually what someone in the procurement team asked me. I can understand why - people have created this aura around law, like it is something incredibly glamourous, slightly removed from the rank and file of life, and incredibly, almost obscenely lucrative.  The TV show Suits doesn't help either. All partners in that show spend a great deal of time looking pristine, staring out the window while swirling smoky scotch in crystal glasses, stocking off, stomping in, delivering deadly one lines with lop sided smirks, driving off in expensive sports cars, driving in in limos, etc. So there can only be one reason why any successfull lawyer would give up all that. The real practice of law is rather different. For the vast majority of people it is singularly demanding, exhausting, thankless and, frankly, dull. And for the level of stress, labour and responsibility, and the amount of time you spend at work, the rewards that may  com