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The Road to Transition - why it was harder than I expected

The Road to Transition - why it was harder than I expected? (and what unexpected behaviours slowed me down) When we imagine a career change we actually imagine what happens after the change - we visualise ourselves successfully in our new role. doing whatever it is we think that role entails. But if you scrutinise the fantasy carefully its astonishingly low on detail - in fact there is very little detail of the content  of our new role, and more the trappings - the kind of cubicle, or office we will sit in, the kind of conversations we will have, people we meet, travel destinations, meetings, etc. We don't really know what the minutes will feel like, or what we will actually do  in those roles.  I think that is part of being human, but also the very part that make career changes so difficult and, indeed, perilous; we aren't choosing a new career as much as we are choosing a new environment and context. Of course, that is just how the brain works; how we