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Does the past have a future?

Mobile App Developer | Social Media Manager | Digital Marketing Specialist |Big Data Analyst | Data Scientist What do these jobs have in common? If you’re thinking that they’re all digital era jobs, you’re on the right track. More interestingly,  none of these jobs existed 10 years ago. And yet we continually talk about hiring people with “demonstrated” or “proven” experience.  I believe that experience is a metric of declining importance, and HR recruiters have to think differently about what “the best talent” means.  In fact, there is increasing evidence to indicate that experience is about as useful in predicting a candidate’s success as stock market data from the 1990s is in predicting tomorrow’s unicorns. In my  p revious post  I discussed some sobering data, and ruminated on whether or not we can truly ask children what they want to be when they grow up.  With more than half of students in Australia  training for jobs that wont exist  in the future, future career path