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This Blockchain Thing...

If you’ve been on Earth the last few years you’ve probably heard someone exult about bitcoins. If you’re the sort to describe wine in terms of its human attributes (tantalising, playful, teasing, coy, full-bodied) then you’ve probably talked airily about “cryptocurrency” and “encryption algorithms”, perhaps while fondly stroking a crystal decanter filled with a playful wine infused with memories of summer berries and earthy woodiness.  So, if I may for a moment, pause this heady feeling of tech savviness to observe that there appears to be a great deal more to this bitcoin thingy than just cool cash conveyance.   Bitcoin is not so much an invention (IMHO) as one (and only one ) clever application of a much cleverer technology – the Blockchain . The application of this technology is totally predictable but the beauty is that the technology itself was less expected). At this stage, the more honest among us are thinking “ what is the blockchain?”.   And the win