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Why are you making an incredibly useful app??? (Part 1)

Yes, someone did ask me that last week, when I was in Madrid, on study leave for my MBA.  I had just shared  ReMynd  with a professor if innovation. And it wasn't I who mentioned it was incredibly useful, though, of course I think it is! This colleague of mine used it, loved it, saw the value in it, and blurted the question out.  I can understand the true nature of the question - it wasn't about the app, it was about why I,  Zubin , built it. And part of the wonder was  how  I built it. Let me start with the "why". some early designs from my friend Nicola Every year I give myself a personal stretch project. Last year it was about learning first-had about entrepreneurship. The theory, effort, discipline, best practice, self mastery, courage and sheer hard work it takes to even develop an idea single-handedly. I got accepted into the Founder Institute chapter in Melbourne and went half way through the program before I had to bow out to go to Indonesia on wor